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Your eyes deserve the best, and we deliver it at Eye Max. Our comprehensive services cater to all your vision needs, from thorough eye exams to personalised eyewear solutions. With a team of skilled optometrists and a dedicated staff, we prioritise your eye health and provide precise prescriptions, specialised screenings, and expert guidance.

Glasses Cleaning

At Eye Max, we understand that clean and clear glasses are essential for optimal vision and comfort. Our glasses cleaning service ensures that your eyewear receives a thorough and meticulous cleaning, removing smudges, fingerprints, and dirt that can accumulate on the lenses and frames. Our trained professionals use gentle yet effective cleaning solutions and techniques to restore the clarity of your glasses, providing you with a fresh and crisp view.

glasses cleaning
glasses tightening


Loose or misaligned glasses can be bothersome and affect both comfort and vision. Our glasses tightening service addresses this issue by carefully adjusting the frames to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Our experienced technicians can precisely adjust the temples, nose pads, and hinges, ensuring your glasses stay in place and align properly with your face. Say goodbye to slipping or crooked glasses with our expert glasses-tightening service.

General Services

Eye Max offers a range of general services to address various eyewear needs. Whether you require a minor repair, replacement parts, or general maintenance for your glasses, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. We aim to ensure that your eyewear stays in excellent condition and provides you with the best possible vision. Count on our general services to keep your glasses in top shape.

general services
eye test

Eye Test, Colour Deficiency Screening & Glaucoma Screening

We prioritise comprehensive eye care at Eye Max. Our dedicated optometrists perform thorough eye tests to assess your visual acuity, detect refractive errors, and identify potential eye health issues. In addition to standard eye tests, we offer colour deficiency screening to evaluate colour vision and glaucoma screening to check for signs of this potentially sight-threatening condition. Our screenings are designed to provide accurate results.

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