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Discover the allure of exclusive eyeglasses. From carefully selected materials to well-known brands, we offer a range of stylish options tailored to your unique style. Experience eyeglasses that combine excellence with exclusivity at Eye Max.


Experience the timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship of Masunaga eyeglasses. With an affluent heritage dating back to the early 1900s, Masunaga is renowned for blending traditional Japanese artistry with contemporary design.

Choose from a range of iconic styles that cater to diverse preferences, and if your desired frame isn’t available, we can assist you in ordering it in your preferred colour. Discover the exceptional quality of Masunaga prescription lenses, featuring the distinguished Masunaga logo, ensuring you maintain style and vision correction.

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yellow plus gregoly

Yellow Plus

Discover the allure of Yellow Plus glasses, where distinctive style meets uncompromising quality. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Yellow Plus offers a range of frames that make a bold fashion statement.

Embrace their unique designs, crafted to elevate your style. From classic to contemporary, Yellow Plus provides diverse eyewear options to suit your preferences. Experience the perfect combination of fashion-forward aesthetics and exceptional quality with Yellow Plus glasses.


Delve into the epitome of timeless elegance and innovative design with Silhouette glasses. Celebrated for their minimalist aesthetics and lightweight construction, Silhouette frames are crafted with precise attention to detail.

Embrace the definitive balance of style and comfort as you explore their diverse eyewear options. With their signature rimless and screwless designs, Silhouette glasses deliver a seamless and sophisticated look. Upgrade your eyewear experience with Silhouette, where classic elegance meets cutting-edge innovation.

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FAQs About Glasses

1How frequently should I have my eyes examined if I need new glasses?
Every one to two years, or as indicated by your eye care provider, you should get your eyes checked and acquire a new prescription for glasses. Regular eye exams make a current prescription and early detection of any vision changes possible.
2How will a specific frame suit my face?

Determining the suitable frame for your face shape can enhance your overall appearance. To determine which frame suits you best, consider your face shape (such as round, oval, square, or heart-shaped) and look for frames that contrast your face shape. Trying on different styles and consulting with an eyewear specialist can also help you find the perfect fit.

3Can I use the same prescription for both eyeglasses and contact lenses?

In most cases, your prescription for eyeglasses may differ slightly from the prescription for contact lenses. This is mainly because contacts and glasses are different distances between the lens and your eyes. It's essential to have a separate prescription for contact lenses prescribed by your eye care professional.

4How long does it take to adjust to new prescription glasses?

Your eyes, brain, and body may need a few days to weeks to adapt to a new prescription completely. Initially, you may experience slight discomfort, dizziness, or headaches. However, if the discomfort persists or worsens after a reasonable adjustment period, it's essential to consult with your eye care professional.

5Are there specific frame styles that work best for strong prescriptions?

Certain frame styles are better suited for solid prescriptions due to their construction and lens compatibility. Full-rim or semi-rimless frames can provide better lens stability and thickness control for stronger prescriptions. Additionally, smaller frames or frames with shorter lens heights can reduce the overall thickness of the lenses. It's advisable to discuss your important prescription requirements with an optician or eyewear professional who can guide you in selecting frames that best accommodate your specific needs.

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